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My name is Ashley Benjamin, a co-author of the book, The Student-Athlete’s College Recruitment Guide, which hit the scene in 2009.  Along with my co-authors, Michael Cauthen and Patrick Donnelly, our goal is simple: Provide a one stop recruiting book for helping you sort out the recruiting process.  We have teamed with SchollyMe for the same reason – to help reach young athletes, parents, coaches, and others involved to maximize your scholarship and athletic opportunities.

I mentioned recruiting process because finding a good school is like finding the right sleek sports car or rugged truck!  However, to get the right car means figuring out the salesman, the loan and finances issues, and then finally test driving it to make sure you and the car are a good fit. If you think of the hassle of taking a car back after realizing its not what you really wanted 6 months later—well, believe me, doing that with a college athletic program can be a lot worse! So, our blogs will discuss pertinent and timely issues with a critical eye on the recruiting process.  If you can use the recruiting process to help you get to know the coach, understand how much money you really will be getting, and know the right questions to ensure a good fit, then I guarantee you are going to be a lot farther along the way to making a sound decision regarding your athletics and academics.  Till next time!


Dr. Ash


drashAshley Benjamin, MD, MA, Lt Col, USAFR

Dr. Ashley Benjamin, aka, Dr. Ash is a board certified psychiatrist who currently works for Sterling Psychiatric Group and independently contracts and consults in addiction and sport psychiatry. He retired from the USAF as a reserve psychiatrist achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Before completing medical school at the University of Kansas and residency at Wright State University/Wright Patterson AFB,   he graduated as a Valedictorian from the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas and followed this up with an MA in exercise physiology from The Ohio State University. While at Kansas and Ohio State, he coached as a graduate assistant cross country and track coach and while involved in recruiting, he began to realize the potential pitfalls inherent in the athletic recruiting process. These thoughts came to fruition when he co-authored the book, The Student Athlete’s College Recruitment Guide, which was published in 2009.

Dr. Benjamin over the years has worked with many high school athletes and parents to help them find a good academic and athletic fit. He has coached a sub 4 minute mile and a 4:01 mile runner as well helped over 30 current NFL players prepare mentally for the NFL combine. Blending physician ship, coaching, and leadership have culminated in a philosophy that focuses on maximizing performance in an ethical fashion. With this in mind, he is very excited about the opportunity to blog with SchollyMe and thereby continues his passion of helping academically minded high school athletes sort through the recruiting process to find good college fits. He also is a sport psychiatrist, peak mental skills coach, and elite athlete/executive life coach and can be reached at